Christmas 2013

This year for Christmas, Trey's family came up to Raleigh on Christmas Eve to spend a few days with us to celebrate. We were so glad they decided to come up here and we could have both families celebrate together, especially since we were leaving town a couple of days after Christmas. Mandy was even in town from Michigan!

First, our Christmas decor at home:

I added a few new trees and lights this year. The quality of the pics is terrible though:

We enjoyed driving around to a couple of the houses nearby that really go all out:

And got lots of cards from friends and family:

On Christmas Eve my parents, brother and grandma came over to have our traditional Christmas Eve pizza dinner. Then we opened presents with Trey's parents, we couldn't wait :)

Vegas got a chicken that she is very protective of

Tyson enjoyed opening gifts, he thought they were all for him

Trey (with the help of a few other family members) gave me a silhouette cameo (vinyl/paper cutter machine) I'm super excited to be able to do lots of DIY crafts now!!

My grandma gave me these awesome chair covers... I love Christmas decorations!!
Trey's parents gave me this jewelry holder... I was outgrowing my old one. Love it!

Christmas morning we woke up and headed over to my parents' house to have breakfast and hang out with them for the day. 

Boxer twins!

We enjoyed a few beers

Trey and I tried to play with my new cutter!

We roasted oysters... the boys and the dogs loved it!

I was testing out my new flag from Mandy!

Successful creation with the cutting machine!

Yummy Christmas Dinner:

Nana and the Clares came over for Christmas dinner and to hang out for the evening. Izzy and Lucy were a little overwhelmed with our dogs + Matty and were quite goofy

Vegas took her chicken to bed with her that night :)

Thursday night we went out for sushi with Trey's family, aunt and cousin. 

It was so nice to spend so much time with family! Friday morning Frank dropped us off at the airport at the crack of dawn for us to head to the Dominican Republic!! More on that later!

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