Awesome Weekend

We have a group of friends that we hang out with regularly and when we get together we refer to it as "Awesome Night". We decided to make awesome night into an awesome weekend and take a trip together to Boone during peak leaf season! 

We found a great rental on VRBO. It was 5 miles from downtown Boone, in Vilas. Luckily it was a pretty cheap cab ride when we needed a DD because unfortunately they don't have uber in Boone! It was relatively cheap considering that it slept 4 couples, had a basement with a ping pong table, a fire pit and a hot tub. 

October in the mountains is such a pretty time of year. We did a good bit of hiking both mornings, the first morning it was misty/rainy but not miserable and we were able to hike Linville Falls. 

We enjoyed a few beers at Appalachian Mountain Brewery and that night checked out Lost Province for dinner. 

Sunday morning we went to Blowing Rock and surprisingly there is a really nice hiking area right in the middle of downtown, the Annie Cannon Gardens has trails leading out of it to nice waterfall views. 

We followed up our hike with lunch downtown before heading back down the mountain. It was by far one of the most fun weekends we've had in a while with a great group and fun activities. 

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