Nashville: Panthers beat the Titans & more fun!

The away Panthers game that Trey & I decided to go to this year was in Nashville, to watch the Panthers play the Titans. (Last year we watched the Panthers beat the Falcons in Atlanta). 

We decided to drive so that we could stop at Jack Daniels distillery along the way. It is about an hour or so southeast of Nashville. We left on Thursday after work and stayed the night in Boone, at my aunt's cabin, to break up the drive. Along our drive we saw a sign for George Dickel distillery and decided to stop there too. 

Jack Daniels was huge and amazing. We took the tour and learned some history about Jack and the company. 

They have 80+ of these barrel houses all around town. 

This is the rickyard - where they burn the ricks to create charcoal.  

The spring water that they use to brew.  

After the tour we headed to Nashville. We stayed in an airbnb with 2 other couples. It was walking distance to the stadium! 

Free jager stuff! 

Saturday morning we were lucky to be a part of one of the couples engagement. After breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (with the longest line ever) we headed to the gorgeous church that her parents got married at years ago, and he proposed in front of it! 

We went out on the town that night and saw many other Panthers fans out!

The weather was gorgeous and the game was wonderful! We won and became 9-0! 

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