More Wedding Fun

We are definitely at the stage in life where a lot of our friends are getting married, so we get to enjoy going to weddings pretty often these days!

Last weekend we headed to Williamston for the wedding of a friend that I work with. Quite a few of us from work went and it was a great crowd, we had a wonderful time! It had been a rainy Friday and Saturday morning, but mother nature decided to be a little nicer to them than she was to us :) The rain stopped probably mid-day Saturday so the outside wedding was still on! They got married on the water front at Moratoc Park (on the Roanoke River). It was pretty chilly outside but we all wore our coats and were fine. It was very pretty and one of the quickest ceremonies I've been to - yay we got to go back in and be warm quickly!

Connie's dad walking her down the isle


Brr let's get inside!
 The reception was in the building at the park. It was a very antique looking wooden building. It was a pretty cool setting. Although, this was also Halloween weekend and it also seemed like it could very likely be the scene of a horror movie ;) But it wasn't! And we all had a wonderful time. They had a buffett with bar-be-que, chicken, corn, green beans, potatoes, cole slaw... it was delicious. I wanted to go back for seconds of corn but figured I shouldn't look like a heffer.

Super dark but all Leesville teachers!

Me & the hubs

Us being silly w/ my friend Jennifer

The centerpieces were mason jars with sand and a candle, well we turned one into a large beer mug
After things at the reception died down we all went back to the hotel that a few of our friends were staying at and continued the party there. Trey had to work the next morning so we had to drive back to Raleigh that night, so I drove and he slept :) But I guess that's only fair because he had to get up super early the next day.

It was a great night and we are super happy for Connie & Andy!

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