Tyson is 1!

I can't believe my 4 pound puppy is already 1!! He has been a blast over the last year. He is such a snuggler, very curious, VERY hyper but then can be very sleepy! He loves his sister more than anything. He has had a few bad puppy teething/bored instances but nothing too crazy. He has such a goofy, crazy personality and has made our lives very interesting :)

Happy birthday to my baby boy.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the last year:
Sleeping on grandpa... Christmas day.
Taking a nap in great-grandma's walker

Hey big sis!
Getting bigger!
I'll walk myself, thanks

Always up next to my sis

Stretched out!


Outgrowing my bed!

No regard for personal space
Tyson in the drivers seat!

Cleaning my sissy's ears

Tyson in between his two favorite girls
Learning to swim!

Favorite spot at grandma's

Leashes are for tug-of-war, right?

More tug-of-war, this time in the water
So in love with Vegas
Eat, play, snuggle. That's all he does!
And just to show you how tiny my baby was... here is little man (chihuahua maltese mix) in Tyson's sweater compared to Tyson in that sweater.
Little Man (4 years old)

Tyson (6 weeks) look how far that sweater covers him!!
Okay so that was a lot of favorites... but did you really expect any less out of me!? :) Love my cutie.

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