Family Time in the Mountains

This past weekend we went to the mountains with my parents, Nana, my aunt & uncle and my cousin to their mountain house. We originally planned this trip to go see the Perseids meteor shower. Last year they just happened to be up there and see the meteors so we decided to go back since out in the middle of no where with very little light around is the best view. However, it was cloudy all weekend so we weren't able to see any meteors :( We still had a great time though.

Friday, Trey and I headed up after work. We all got up there kind of late and just enjoyed lounging around.

Tyson was very antsy to get up the next morning and go play... he loves running around on all of the land up there and playing frisbee. 

 Trey, Patrick & I went tubing down the river. We went down a ways and hopped in, then floated back to right in front of the house. Tyson was there to greet us.

 After tubing, the boys wanted to go golfing on a nearby Par 3 course so I was their golf cart driver. It was a pretty course with a neat lay out. They played for a while then the rain started to pick up so we had to bail out early.

 After changing in to dry clothes, mom and dad joined us for a beer at the Appalachian Mountain Brewery in Boone.
We went from the brewery to meet Jackie, Tom & Nana at the Canyons for dinner with a view. 

 After dinner we came back to the house to celebrate the many summer birthdays. Trey and I opened a new beer, Mango Magnifico. It was interesting to say the least. Starts out very sweet and you can taste the mango but then the jalapeno gets you!

 Birthday celebration:
 Sunday morning the dogs enjoyed their favorite activity, running in the yard:

 Trey and I were curious to try Sunday Brunch at the 1861 Farmhouse just down the road. Mom, Dad and Nana joined us. It is an old, large house that has quite a history in Valle Crucis (at one time was the post office) and has now been restored and turned in to a restaurant & winery. Brunch was very good!
 After brunch we walked across the street to the Mast General Store. We also walked down the Annex (where the Candy Barrel is) and Trey got some shorts on sale and we got some candy!
 Back to the cabin to enjoy the porch and frisbee playing again before heading home

 Gorgeous day:

On the way home we hit traffic because of a wreck but luckily we got to see this pretty rainbow for a while because of it!

Cute babies were so worn out, they snuggled the whole way home:

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