Stuffed Vegas

For mom's birthday we wanted to get her something creative so I started searching pinterest for ideas. I came across a pin that I had pinned a while ago. I hadn't really thought twice about it because it wasn't a cheap gift but this was a great opportunity to get it for her. She has stuffed animal huskies (Shadow), beagles (Snoopy), boxers (Tyson) and can never find any that actually look like Vegas because she doesn't look like the "typical" Pit Bull since she is brindle. 

The website, Shelter Pups, has you send in pictures of your dog and the custom make a stuffed dog to match it! It was super easy, you pay a deposit, submit pictures and then they create it. I think it took about 2 weeks and then we got an email saying that she was ready. I was SO excited when I saw the pictures that they posted of her being done:

I went on, paid the rest of the fee and she got put in the mail the next day. This weekend we gave mom her gift and she loves it, Vegas is now sitting on her kitchen table for the time being :) If they were cheaper I would have one for Tyson, Snoopy & Shadow made! Love it!!

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