Bark Box

An old co-worker of mine posted that she had a code to give away a couple of free trials to Bark Box, so I took her up on the offer and decided to spoil my pups for free! Bark Box is a company that sends out boxes to your home each month based on your dog's size. They get sent out each month on the 15th, so ours came recently :)

The dogs were pretty excited about all of their new surprises. It came with a nice shark toy, 2 bags of treats, a bag of "bully flakes" to top their food with to make them eat, and a packet to make flavored ice cubes with. 

Vegas is obsessed with the shark and takes it in to her hiding spot often:

And I finally made the ice cubes and she of course loves those too, since she loves even plain ice cubes. 

It was quite a hit with both of them. I am looking in to buying it, you can buy 1, 3 or 6 months at a time. The more you buy at once the cheaper each month is and I think theres another coupon code out there I could find for a few bucks off. Maybe Tyson will get a nice birthday present ;)

I do have a code for friends to get $5 off if anyone wants to try it out:

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