Football Fun

Football season has started back up! We have enjoyed tailgating and some pretty good football games (and one frustrating one). 

Trey was out of town for the first game on Labor Day weekend, vs Lousiana Tech. It was SO hot that day, a noon game in August!

I was wearing white shorts and spilled my pumpkin beer on myself... I'm a clutz. And grateful that we have a washer and dryer in the RV!

Vegas enjoying the day

My cooler was so full of ice and freezing cold I couldn't bare shoving my hand down in there, so I tried using tongs... fail.

 Kimberly & her box of wine:

 Such a long line heading in to the game:

 Quite the stack as we walked in:

 Dave, Emily and baby Charlotte came by:

 Trying to avoid the sun as much as possible:

 Me with the cutie... check out the pouty lip!!


Band coming by for the walk of  champions:

 The people next to us cooked a pig... and spoiled our dogs :) Here they are chowing down on pigs feet:


 Who wants to give me more?

And most recently, a Thursday night game against Clemson. 

These bad boys were at our seats... used to make this:

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