Trey's Birthday Celebrations

Trey's birthday was about a week ago and we have enjoyed feast after feast to celebrate. Kanki sends you a free hibachi meal on your birthday so we used that first.We went there the night before Trey's actual birthday, it was so good. 

Jersey Mike's gives you a free sub for your birthday but it has to be ON your actual birthday. Since they were having a potluck at work for Trey's birthday, we decided to have Jersey Mike's for dinner that night. So he picked it up on the way home and we watched the basketball game while eating dinner! No clean up required :)

For Christmas, Trey got supplies to keg his homebrewed beer, and for his birthday he got (well is getting when it comes in) a keggle (a keg turned in to a bigger pot to brew in, to hold more liquid and make larger batches of beer) and a cooler that he converted to a mash tun (to use to brew from "scratch" with grain instead of buying extract that has already gone through that process). He was pretty excited about his new toys. 

We celebrated his birthday with his parents at the beach when we went down for St. Patrick's Day weekend. Frank grilled steaks, shrimp kabobs, we had asparagus and potatoes. And BJ topped us off with a lemon icebox pie. It was so good that we were basically in a food coma the rest of the night. 

And almost a week after we started, we finally wrapped up Trey's birthday feasts at Red Lobster with my family. His birthday always falls during Lobsterfest so it is our little tradition to go there for his birthday dinner. 

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  1. Can you adopt me? I want to be part of your family :-)