Trolley Pub

We wanted to do something fun and different to celebrate Trey's birthday and decided to rent a Trolley Pub (really the Biker Bar NC in downtown Durham). We took a mid day tour that started at Bull City Burger and stopped at Fullsteam and then Triangle Brewing Company. We thought (were told before purchasing the trolley pub) that we would be stopping at each place to go on tours, but instead we were just told a little bit about them and then grabbed a drink. It was probably more fun than actually taking multiple tours though.

We were also able to bring our own drinks on the trolley. We had it booked for a weekend in late March and the weather was actually kind of rainy (but at least warm). So we came out in our rain gear and had a great time. The hills were a lot of fun, downhill was crazy and uphill was quite a workout!

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