Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary

Trey really set the bar high this year :) 

We sort of celebrated our anniversary by camping in our new tent that I posted about here. The tent/hammock were my gifts to him and when I brought the hammock for him to open he decided to go ahead and give me my gift too. It was a fitbit! I was super excited to try it out, but had to first charge it with the computer. So that Sunday night I finally got it going and started wearing it. Monday afternoon I came home with a headache and then realized that I had a fever :( Tuesday I stayed in bed all day with the fever and then Wednesday got back to work moving slowly with a new head full of mucous. Pretty crappy first week to be wearing a fitbit, but I guess I can only improve from there! 

Wednesday was our actual anniversary, we had tacos after work at home but took it easy. I still wasn't feeling well and we had plans to celebrate the coming weekend. 

Saturday I rested all morning, trying to feel better before our night out, while Trey ran a few errands. We went to dinner at Caffe Luna downtown and at dinner we exchanged cards. Inside Trey's card to me was a room key to the Sheraton! (Remember we tried to stay there on our wedding night but they had no power/water.) I was very surprised and excited. We were in for a night downtown and he had arranged for my parents to pick the dogs up after we left for dinner. After dinner we picked up desserts from Hayes Barton Cafe. They were HUGE. It was packed so we took the cake slices back to our hotel room to enjoy. That was a good decision because when we walked in the room I found this:

Trey had run errands earlier and already put gorgeous flowers and champagne in our room! Our desserts went along perfectly with the champagne. We toasted 3 wonderful years and many more. 

Then we headed back out on the town for a little bit of barhopping. 

We enjoyed a great night's sleep in a big comfy king size bed with no dog bed hogs 

The next morning we finished up our wonderful celebration with brunch at Beasley's Chicken and Honey. 

It was so sweet of Trey and turned out to be a perfect night.

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