Tent Camping!

Trey had a coupon and dividends to REI and we have been wanting a tent for over a year now, so we finally bit the bullet! After the discounts it only cost us $65 for a nice 4 person tent! This was my anniversary present to him and we decided to use it for the first time the weekend before our anniversary for a night "away" :) 

When the tent first came in we decided to give it a try in our living room! The dogs weren't too sure about the whole ordeal at first but they got used to it. It was super easy to put up and also fits our air mattress! 

I posted yesterday about our busy weekend. We spent Saturday night camping at Falls Lake in the tent.

Mom and dad wanted to come with us too, they enjoy camping in the RV at falls lake and wanted to witness me tent camping :) We shared a spot so it was super cheap and we could hang out together. Trey and I still stuck to the outdoors and didn't cheat! (Except for using the bathroom there Sunday morning instead of walking to the bathhouse since we were in a hurry to get downtown to see the race!)

 The dogs enjoyed hanging out outside all evening!

 After we got set up Trey cooked dinner. We had burgers, corn and beans on the grill. 

 The tent was sort of my anniversary gift to Trey but I still wanted to surprise him with something. It wasn't our actual anniversary yet but my other gift to him was a hammock! I knew he would want to use it camping so I gave it to him early. It hangs between 2 trees and is super comfy. 
 My view while testing out the hammock. 

 We took a walk around the campground while it was still light out, then headed back to start a fire for smores. We enjoyed the campfire for a while and then crawled in to our tent for the night! We fit the airbed (blown up via the charger port in my car!) and the dogs bed along with a few bags in the tent. The dogs seemed content until about 20 minutes later we could hear gunshots in the distance. I guess that's what people do out in the country, but the dogs were not fans of it. Within seconds they were on top of us in our bed. We finally got them back in to their beds and settled and all slept well. 

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