Painted Mason Jar Succulents

While shopping for Mother's Day this year I found this cute idea on Etsy. 

Of course since it was $45 plus shipping, Trey and I decided to try to do it ourselves! Turns out it was really easy and for the price of that set of four, shipped, we managed to make 12! We looked on Pinterest to get ideas of how to do it and also found the website for the paint to be helpful.

What You Need:
Small succulent plants
Potting soil
Mason Jars
Foam paint brushes
A sheet of sandpaper
Newspaper to work on
Paint (we used the little jars of folk art paint from walmart for $2 each) In the future I might would get a "chalk" finish but this worked just fine!
Sealer paint (polycrylic or something similar)

What You Do:
Rinse and dry jars. 
Using a foam brush paint the jars (up and down along the sides, go in a circle around the top where the lid will go)
Let them dry for an hour (or whatever your paint directions say). 
Paint a second coat, let dry. 
Lightly sand with sandpaper to get a weathered look. 
Paint a light coat of sealer
Screw lid on without inner seal
Fill with potting soil and put the plant on the top

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