Laundry Room Makeover

About a month ago we discovered mold in our laundry "room" (more like a laundry closet). There was a really soft spot of drywall so Trey broke through it to see what was going on back there. Behind that wall he found the "sewer" PVC pipe coming from the bathrooms upstairs. Whoever put up the wire shelving in there (when the house was built?) screwed one of the supports straight in to the pipe! I guess it was fine for about 20 years but finally started to leak creating the disaster we found. 

 We ended up cutting out about a 4' x 4' piece of the drywall in order to get rid of all of the mold.

In the mean time the kitchen was a disaster zone. Super annoying to live like that for a few weeks. 

I also didn't want to put back up the wire shelving, it's not my favorite, things fall through the cracks and half of the supports were broken. So I turned to pinterest for ideas. These two were some of my favorites so we created a combination of the two. 

I went to the area Habitat Restores to try to find a good deal on cabinets. We saw cabinets at Lowes for $89 each so I was trying to find them cheaper than that. I went to a few different stores and finally hit the jackpot! I got 2 cabinets, the size I wanted and didn't even have to refinish/repaint them for $30 each! Then just across the street was Home Depot, so I stopped in and bought knobs for $12.

We fixed the hole in the pipe and left it open for about a week to make sure that it wasn't going to leak. Then before we could close up the wall my dad and Trey added a light at my request, since there was never a light in that room. 

Then we could patch with new drywall and had to mud and repeat a few times. 

I was over the original yellow that was there so I took this opportunity to chose a better color :) It was "teal zeal" and I still love it! 

 My dad & Trey hung the cabinets, added a shelf on the top and a rod to hang clothes to dry on! I LOVE IT! It's so much prettier than before, everything has a place to be stored and you don't see all of the junk laying all over the shelves. And finally my kitchen is clean and organized again!

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