Life Lately

Winter is always a bit slower for us, not as many fun things to do, but here are some of what has been keeping us busy:
NCSU vs Duke:WIN

Snuggle time

Trey built a brewing cart

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa (while daddy does the taxes)

LOTS of frisbee time

Warm Fires :)

SOJA Concert - followed by another snow day - yay for being able to sleep in

Great seats at a Hurricanes game

The Nata's annual Mardi Gras party had an international theme this year - we were going to go with Togas but they are harder to make than one would think. So instead we borrowed clothes from Katherine from Thailand (the skirt and pants)
By the end of the night...

Staying warm

Loving daddy, as always

We went to the first round of the ACC tournament when State played Pittsburgh and had great seats
With a weird halftime show, "quick change"

We won!

Celebrating Trey's birthday
He got a new computer monitor for work
And we had a blast at Tasu with friends filling up on sushi and sake

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