Emerald Isle Half Marathon

Trey and I ran the Emerald Isle Half Marathon at the end of March. It was the second weekend of my" spring break" (we ended up making up 3 snow days during spring break so I got a 4 day weekend instead).

It was a rather cool day for our race, which was nice running weather. It was only 40 degrees and misting rain a little bit at the start line, so it wasn't very fun to stand there waiting for the race. My fingers were numb for about the first mile, but we warmed up plenty after that and the cool weather kept us from getting too hot. 

We ran together the whole time. This was Trey's first half marathon, really his first time running lots of long distances. He did a great job, I am so proud of him. We started out a little bit faster than we had been (he wanted to get out from behind the pacer in the tiny shorts) during our training and kept it up for the most part. 

You can see Trey behind the lady in the purple/black jacket but I'm basically hidden behind her.

The race took us through some neighborhoods on the sound side, then back over to Ocean Drive going up the island. After about 7.5 miles we turned on to Hwy 58 and ran the rest of it back down the bike path.

I was cramping and exhausted at mile 10 but Trey kept pushing me. His legs were about to give up on him for the last 2 miles but we made it across the finish line in 2 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds! It was faster than I was expecting and really felt great for the most part. 

We stayed at his parents' house for the weekend. After the race we enjoyed a lot of lounging around, an afternoon walk and then grilled steaks and watched the NCAA tournament. 

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