Spring is here!

It has finally warmed up outside and we are really enjoying the nice weather.

We get to hang out on the porch a lot, take the dogs on evening walks, play lots of frisbee.

Little man came to stay for a week while Frank and BJ were out of town. He insisted on sitting on my lap anytime I sat down and sleeping in our bed. We enjoyed having an extra snuggle bug. He even got playful from time to time.

We are hoping to do a few yard works tasks in the coming months, the first was to move the garden box to a spot that is actually sunny all day. We have tried it in multiple places but our back yard gets so little sun that it hasn't been successful. Trey spent a day this weekend swapping the azaleas with the garden box and we are hoping it will bring lots of goodies this year! It's also nice because now we can look out the kitchen window and see what is sprouting up. 

Sunday we went to Mom and Dads for Easter dinner and the dogs got Easter baskets :) Vegas hid behind the couch with her new toy so that no one else would try to steal it. 

We also went outside in time to see the International Space Station flying over head! It travels at 17,000 MPH. Crazy. 

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