Christmas 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating on Christmas Day in Raleigh with my family and then heading to the beach to spend the week with Trey's family after Christmas. 

Christmas Eve Trey made us a nice seafood spread

We got lots of great gifts!

Trey got custom designed New Balances to support the Wolfpack!

Another awesome gift - a dual elevated feeder for the dogs

We decided to recreate the photo of Tyson and Dad on Christmas day from 2010. He didn't fit as well this time!

Trey made this Mickey lamp for Mom & Dad.
Hopefully soon I'll post a tutorial about how to make it

We changed it up this year and fried a turkey... it doesn't look pretty but it was delicious!

Nana gave Tyson this hippo toy, it was a huge hit and Vegas has been stealing it from him ever since

After Christmas we headed to the beach. The weather was gorgeous for the first part of the week

Then it was pretty rainy for the rest of the week, we spent a lot of time lounging around 

We played board games

Went out for a movie and drinks

Did lots of cooking and baking

And played with my awesome gift, a Roomba!

Mandy and Andy came down for the weekend and the dogs loved having Matty around

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