Kitchen Updates!

We decided to do some renovating this summer. We did not like the (poorly installed) white tile that was in our kitchen when we moved in. We wanted to replace it. And to replace that with what we wanted, we also needed to change the cabinet colors. While we're at it, paint the kitchen! Oh and the dining room. And the office! And change the rug and curtains in the living room. Shew! Almost forgot how much work it was. But totally worth it. We LOVE the kitchen now and actually enjoy spending time in there. 

We had to move everything out for work to be done! Lived without a kitchen for a few days. 

BJ came to town and helped me paint in August. We painted the walls and trim of the kitchen, along with the dining room and office. This is after we painted it and cleared it out for the tile and cabinet painting to be done.

We didn't take the best before pictures.

After the old tile had been torn up and the cabinets sanded.

New tile going in!

Cabinets painted!

LOVE the completed look! Trey and I changed out the light fixtures.
(Got the new ones from Pottery Barn!)

We used Versatile Edge for the tile and cabinet work, they did a great job and were very well priced!

Another view. Obviously an iPhone camera doesn't really do the colors justice.

The dining room used to have a dark red/magenta on the bottom and old green curtains. I also love love love these changes!

One last touch... My friend's husband has a business  (AB Chalk Designs) hand lettering chalkboards, etc. I asked him to do this board for me to put above our bed. It's perfect!

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