My summer project

Since I get the summer off and would be bored out of my mind doing nothing at all, dad found a huge summer project for me. I go over to my parent's house almost every weekday (the dogs LOVE going to grandma's every day) and work in their dining room.
Sunbathing at grandma's

Her favorite thing to do

We have found all of the loose pictures in their house and my job is to sort, organize, scan and save them with some sense of organization to it all. Before digital cameras we took pictures on film and printed ALL of them. We did put quite a few of these prints into photo albums but we had boxes and boxes full of envelopes of pictures that have been printed out. Those don't do us any good sitting in a box at the bottom of the guest bedroom closet, so it's my job to do something with them! Mom and I got out all of the boxes and found any pictures hiding around the house and put them all in the dining room for me to sort out.
The beginning pile of boxes of pictures

Each day I sort through more and more of them. My first step was to pile all of the envelopes (or loose pictures) into stacks of 5 year periods. Now that I have them separated I am going back through each 5 year period and sorting them individually by year and also getting rid of the envelopes at this point.
It looks crazy but there is a method to my madness

Slowly emptying boxes!

Right now, I have done everything but the 90's - there were a LOT of pictures during those years so that's going to be a rough one. After they are all organized by year I am going to scan in each picture so that we can save them electronically. I am leaning towards using Target's rapid scanner - they will scan them on to cds for you. I would like to not just organize them by year, but also categorize but haven't completely decided on my categories. I think that will be easier to do once they are all on cd (and then I upload them to a usb or external hard drive).

The huge messy boxes left to organize are the 90s!
In the end, I hope to have all of our pictures on cd/usb and possibly some internet site. I am also going to take all of those loose pictures and put them in photo albums! So, needless to say, I have my work cut out for me this summer! But at least I get to hang out with my mom, snoopy and my pups everyday while doing it :)
His favorite spot on the couch

Snoopy loves to lay around in the dining room with me

Hanging out with mom

Lounging upstairs

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