Memorial Day at the Beach

Now that all of the wedding and honeymoon posts are up, I am going to continue the blog to add the fun trips that we go on and other exciting events in our lives!

We have been so busy this spring planning the wedding and Trey works every other weekend, so we haven't made it down to the beach to visit his parents since Christmas! Tyson was not even 5 pounds at the time! We finally made it back to Carteret county for memorial day weekend. Luckily, we didn't hit too much traffic on the way down - now that we live closer to 540 than anything else we take 540 to 264 to 795 to 70 (it comes out in Goldsboro) and didn't have to sit through 40 east traffic!
Are we there yet, mom?

It was so great to get out of town and we were very excited to take Tyson to the beach for the first time! Trey's sister, Mandy, is in boot camp in Cape May, NJ for the Coast Guard, so his parents had her 1 1/2 year old boxer, Matty. To say that Tyson LOVED her is an understatement. They played, and played, and played.
Matty & Tyson playing tug of war

Who is who?!

Saturday morning we took Vegas & Tyson for a walk on the beach. Vegas has never liked the waves so of course Tyson mimics her in every way and decides that he is also a little timid of them. He has never been in water, other than the shower, so it was so cute to watch him try to jump like a kangaroo through the water. They loved running on the beach chasing shells and playing together.

Running free!

All that space & Tyson insists on sitting ON vegas!

We were going to go out on the boat that afternoon, but the weather was a little rough, so instead Trey, his mom and I went to see The Hangover Part 2. It was hilarious! After the movie we came back to the house. I worked on some grad school work for a little while and Trey took a nap while his parents made us a delicious homemade dinner - shrimp, scallops & linguini with white sauce.  After dinner, Trey wanted to try out his new driver on the golf course - his parents live on the 18th hole of the Country Club of the Crystal Coast. While Trey played a few holes, Tyson and I tagged along!
Cruising in Trey's mom's new car!

Hanging out while dad plays golf!

Sunday morning we got up at about 9 and picked up Bojangles for breakfast - we love that it is not even 5 minutes from the house now! We took the boat out for the day with his parents and Vegas & Tyson. Vegas may not like the waves but she loves to swim - so taking her out to Shack or Carrot Island is a lot of fun. We hung out on Carrot Island for the day - as soon as we got there Vegas was whining, ready to get out of the boat and go swim! She and Tyson jumped off and were so excited. We stopped where it was pretty open, so they had a blast running around the beach and following us in and out of the water. Watching Tyson try to figure out how to swim was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. At first he brought his front paws all the way above the water and splashed them back down, so he had to keep his head lifted pretty high to not soak his face. Eventually he got the hang of it pretty well and really enjoyed it!
Riding in the truck to the boat ramp!

Watching for squirrels! (Don't worry we were only in the neighborhood!)

SO anxious to go swim!


Checking out the sights

Our friends, Savannah and Matt and their dog Ella met us out there! We all went back to Finz in Beaufort and ordered lunch to go and came back over to the island to enjoy our lunch and the sun for a little while longer. Vegas and Tyson both love Ella so they all had a blast playing together. At about 5:00 we began to crisp from all of the sun and were pretty worn out so we decided to head back in.
All the dog fun!
Watching everyone


Heading back in

After a great day on the water we gave the dogs a bath and we also showered so we could be clean for our drive home. Trey had to work on Monday (but got holiday pay!!) so we had to head on back home.
Very sleepy, heading home

I was coming down with a cold and Tyson and Vegas were so worn out from their fun weekend that Monday we spent quite a few hours cuddling on the couch to recuperate.
Sleepy cuddler!

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