Busch Gardens!

Last year we bought an annual pass to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. It expired on June 27, 2011 - so we went last weekend, to use it before it expired. Chad had to work on Friday, so mom and dad (and the dogs) waited for him to get off work, then drove the RV up to Williamsburg. Trey and I left Friday morning and drove up to go to the water park for the day. We had a blast! The lines weren't too bad (except for their newest ride, Vanish Point) so we were able to ride quite a few rides pretty quickly. It was a good thing that we got through them quickly, because after being there for a little over 2 hours they closed the rides temporarily. There was a storm nearby and of course a water park has to be extra careful.  All of the rides were closed until the storm passed. Since we had our phones with us we looked at the storm and it was pretty big. It wasn't going to hit the park too hard but didn't seem to be disappearing any time soon. Since we didn't feel like sitting around for an hour or so to wait for them to re-open, and we hadn't actually paid to get in the park, we decided to head out.We did enjoy using our water proof camera in the time that we were able to ride the rides, though!
Walking up to a ride

Riding aquazoid, going through a tunnel!

Coming out of the tunnel!

In line

Attempting to take a picture of Trey even though I can't see him

Since my parents were still on the road, and Trey's best man, David, lives in Newport News so we went over to his house to get cleaned up, hang out and went out to dinner. After my parents and Chad got up there and we finished dinner we hung out outside the RV for a little while. There were lots of bugs flying around for some reason and since we were getting eaten up we decided to call it a night. Apparently, we didn't do so soon enough - Chad got a mosquito in his eye!! He didn't realize it though, until he woke up the next morning and the bottom half of his eye was bright red and a little sore. It seems that the little skeeter got under his bottom eye lid and of course irritated it. At the time we didn't really know what was going on with his eye, and just looking at it would make my eyes water. It progressed over the next few days though and is better now!

Saturday we took the RV to the parking lot at Busch Gardens (another perk about an annual pass - you don't have to pay for parking!). We let the generator run so that it was air conditioned for the dogs and were able to go enjoy a day in the park! We were again surprised that the lines weren't too bad, they did get worse as the day went on but I have seen way worse lines there before. Trey didn't exactly love roller coasters before we were together, but that's not really an option in my family. He has grown to love them but is still funny to listen to at the top of a huge ride like Griffon.We bought the meal deal pass online before we went, it includes lunch, dinner and a souvenir drink cup - it was a GREAT deal! I would definitely do it again. We got about $45 worth of food for $27.
In line for Dark Kastle

Funniest picture ever - on the log flume. In order to fit Trey & Dad sat together, while Chad & I sat together. Notice Trey ducking all the way down. Chad and I got SOAKED.

On the train

Sky ride! Dad and Chad are in the on ahead of us.

The new Mach Tower, still not open yet so we didn't get to ride it!

Das Festhaus, aka the beer stop.

Saturday after we left the park Trey made us a campfire :) Chad decided to hang inside and keep his eye away from the dangerous mosquito zone but we enjoyed roasting a few marshmallows and drinking a beer to wind down a long day.
Trey & his campfire!

A trip to Williamsburg wouldn't be complete without going to the outlets. Trey has always wanted a Tommy Bahama shirt so we decided to go in there and he came out with two :) I must say it looks great on him and of course we got it on sale!
My sexy husband in his new shirt :)

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