Happy Birthday America!

Since Trey is in golf he has to work on the 4th - tons of people are off and want to play on a beautiful course! And I am in the middle of a tedious grad school class, so I am actually spending today getting school work done. But hopefully tonight we can catch some fireworks. 

I did my celebrating on Sunday, I joined my brother and some friends for a pool party 4th of July celebration. They had plenty of meat to grill and everyone was to bring sides, so I decided to get creative! I love red velvet cake and found a recipe on pioneer woman to make a cake from SCRATCH! This is a big thing for me. In our house, Trey is the chef and I bake some - and by bake I mean buying boxed brownies and adding eggs and water. But this time I decided to make a cake and icing from scratch. It actually turned out pretty well!
Making quite a mess trying to make a cake from scratch!

Ready to bake!

The icing that went with this recipe is not cream cheese based (which is my favorite) but since it was going to be sitting outside for a while I figured I'd try the non-cream cheese icing on this recipe.
Part of creating the icing... mixing milk and flour together.

Instead of the raspberries like in the recipe I put blueberries on top to make it red, white and blue!
Topped with blueberries and then cut.

Red, white and blue!

 It got a little bit rainy in the afternoon, but mostly held off for our party giving us plenty of time to enjoy the underwater camera. I think that was probably one of my best purchases ever.

I don't know if you can tell but that is a red, white and blue Budweiser can for the 4th!

Happy Independence Day!

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