Vegas's Birthday Celebration

I would imagine that most people reading this right now don't find it shocking at all that I celebrate my dogs' birthdays. If you do, you don't know me very well :)

Wednesday was Vegas's 7th birthday, so to celebrate we had dinner at my parents house. Vegas and Tyson LOVE going to grandmas, it's one of their favorite words. In the mornings when they are still in bed all I have to do is ask if they want to go to grandma's and they come running :)

My brother, Nana, Mammaw, my parents and Trey and I all had a delicious dinner followed by yummy cupcakes for her birthday. I've been trying to keep away from giving her much people food lately because it packs on the pounds a lot more but everyone gets a freebie on their birthday. She got to lick plates and then got to eat a cupcake, while wearing her birthday hat of course :)

How long do I have to wear this mom?

She wasn't the biggest fan of the hat but we took it off and let her eat her cupcake. And by eat I mean suck back, without even chewing, in 1.5 seconds. I guess she enjoyed it!

I also had to give her a present. She got a new squeaky toy. She loves to gnaw on them until they don't squeak anymore, so I found her one with 9 squeakers in it!
Right away, she jumped on the couch and killed 5 of the squeakers. I think 2 are left today.

Tyson watching patiently while Vegas chews on her new toy

Not paying attention to anything else around her
It was a pretty successful birthday :) We topped it off with a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's! My two snuggle bugs enjoyed sleep in bed with their grandparents that night.

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