Tyson ate Ant Bait!!

Tyson loves to chew on/eat toys and other things their size. He chews on things but ends up ingesting stuffing, sticks and sometimes parts of soft plastic toys (which we no longer keep because of that). 

We have had some ants appear lately, especially near the dog food bowl area so I bought a few ant bait traps. I put one on the floor near their food but have always been very careful to remember to pick it up when I leave the dogs home alone. Well, I FORGOT! Ugh, so mad at myself.

Thursday evening Trey mentioned the ants and it made me realize, uh oh where is the trap. It wasn't on the floor and it wasn't by the sink (where I put it when I pick it up). So we immediately went out to the yard (flash lights in hand because it was around 9pm) and started searching for any signs. This is what we found:

Chewed up parts of the ant trap
So of course I was flipping out and Trey was calm about it. We came inside and started to research the active ingredient in it, indoxacarb (only .05%). Luckily, Trey knows all about pesticides and actually understands what he is reading! He read all about it while I read things from justask.com, etc. Basically they all boiled down to: he'll be okay. We assumed that he did this in the middle-ish of the day (they were home alone most of the day) and has still been acting perfectly normal and wild. He is 50 pounds and this has such a small amount that isn't really too harmful to dogs. The EPA basically requires the same label on all things like that saying hazardous to humans and domestic animals.

I also called the emergency vet and they basically said the same thing - he should be fine but keep an eye out for vomiting, diarrhea or excessive tiredness - none of which we had seen.
I made him sleep in bed with us (he didn't mind) just to be able to have him right there and keep an eye on him. Every time he moved I woke up and made sure he was okay. I'm a pitiful mommy, and now a tired one.
I watched him as he went out most of the time the next day just to double check for an upset stomach but it seems we we're in the clear! Thank goodness! I will never put another ant trap on the floor... I'd rather deal with the ants.

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