I'm a grill master :)

Well not exactly a grill "master" but I grilled!! All by myself, for the first time!

Trey had to work late on a night that we had planned to grill chicken and make twice baked potatoes. He is pretty much the chef around here and I'm just the helper, but lately since he's been working so hard I'm trying to take over a little bit more. He told me the basics of grilling the chicken and I came home to try it!

While I got the grill going I started baking potatoes in the microwave to make twice baked potatoes (something I have never made before but always loved my mom's).
Putting my marinated chicken breasts on the grill

I must say that I was pretty impressed with my first attempt at both! I am definitely not taking over as the grill cook or the chef around here though :)

The chicken is ready!

Yummy dinner

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