A beach weekend

Last weekend we went to visit Trey's parents and have a relaxing weekend at the beach! Tyson and Vegas love going to visit too :)

Trey's stepsister, Bobbie Jelene, and her daughter Navaeh had been in town all week so they stayed to hang out with us Friday night. We all went out to a late dinner at El Zarape and had to pick up dairy queen on the way home! It was delicious. We enjoyed lounging around the house with family all night.

Tyson, of course, was incredibly excited to see his cousin Matty. They will play all day long. She is almost 2 and still has just as much energy as he does. They are best friends and even look like they came from the same litter. So needless to say, they played all weekend. Vegas enjoys getting in on the action some too, but I think she was happy to be relieved of her playing with Tyson duties for the weekend!

Saturday was rainy and windy off and on all day so we pretty much lounged around all day. It was nice to just lay around and relax. While it cleared up for a bit we took Vegas & Tyson to the beach to run around for a little while. They enjoy chasing the tennis ball on the beach.
playing on the beach

Daddy, throw the ball!

Worn out babies
Trey throwing the ball
I love that they are so well behaved (most of the time) that we don't really have to keep them on a leash... although in PKS you "have to leash" them so we keep them handy. As you will see below, we don't even really have to leash Tyson... he won't go more than 5 feet from Vegas on her leash. He thinks that her being on a leash means that they get to play tug of war - it's hilarious so of course we just let him do it. Poor Vegas, she's such a good sport and somehow still loves him -- she does love the attention though.
Holding her leash
Tug of war time

Here is a little video of him tugging on her :)

In the evening Trey and I went out on the course to hit some balls. He wanted to play around with his new clubs and I wanted to learn how to hit the driver. He was very patient with me and kept giving me pointers. All I have to say is golf is HARD! And it is exhausting to swing that hard over and over. I finally hit it pretty well and ended on that one. Then it was his turn to successfully hit the ball for a while.

Trey and I went out to dinner at Ioanni's for my favorite crab dip. We haven't been there in a couple of years and it was as good as we remembered! We went out for drinks that night at Sammy's in Morehead on the waterfront and enjoyed running in to lots of old friends.

On our way home on Sunday we stopped in Newport to let the dogs play with their cousins, Bailey and Izzy. They love running around the cul-de-sac freely chasing each other. They also love swimming in the pond. The pond however is pretty dried up right now, so they half swim-half walk through it.... and get DIRTY, very dirty. The poor things were disgusting so we had to hose them off.... they didn't enjoy it so much! While they swim in the pond they also drink the water... lots of the water. Once we got them clean and somewhat dry we hit the road to finally head back to Raleigh, with a car full of wet dog smell. While we were on the stretch between New Bern and Kinston, Vegas started panting heavily and poking her head up by mine. We thought at first maybe she was hot so we turned up the AC and told her to sit down. She listened and sat down, then started shaking! Not too happily, we pulled over on the side of the highway and about a half of a step out of the car she squatted and peed... for EVER. She drank way too much pond water! So we let Tyson out and he pretty much did the same thing. We finally got back in the car, hoping to only stop once more to grab dinner. We stopped for dinner but didn't let them out (we don't usually stop at all on the 3 hour trip). Next stop, home! Well of course, about 5 minutes after we got back on the highway she starts shaking AGAIN! Seriously, Vegas? You hold it for 12+ hours sometimes, but now you're just dying?! So we pulled over again, and she did the same long stop. No more drinking pond water!

We finally made it home and they definitely slept well :)

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