Update: my picture project!

Remember the picture project I started this summer? I am done!!

I spent HOURS organizing, scanning and putting in albums, but I am finally done with these pictures! I have put our family memories into multiple safe places :) We found the boxes and boxes of old pictures stashed away, pulled them out and organized them all over the dining room table by year. We then went back and organized them in order within each year. By we, I mean me and my mom, I did the overall organizing but she went back through and fixed what I screwed up (it's kind of hard to remember things when I was 3 years old...).

Attempting to organize

All of the odd shaped pictures I scanned by hand on a normal printer/scanner. I also searched through my dad's computer for all of the pictures he has digitally uploaded in the past 5-10 years, since we've had digital cameras. Between all of those, I had about 4000 pictures, before even getting into the 1980-2004 prints. Then it was time to take all of those prints to Target, to use their rapid scanner. I posted up in Target for about 8 hours and scanned non stop. I "printed" cds every so often, so that it wouldn't be too large of a chunk of data to send. I ended up with 24 cds holding 5,580 pictures!!

The rapid scanner
My set up at Target, one of the many boxes full of pictures to scan

Each cd has an index print with it (the little pictures to show you what is on the cd)... well they are in no particular order. Those prints do not, in any way, match the order of what is on the cd. So it has been quite a hassle to sort out what cd has what years on it, etc. Not only are those prints out of order but the cds are also not in the exact order that I scanned them. We worked so hard to have each set of pictures in order from Jan-Dec... well on the cd they are somewhat in order, but really pretty mixed together. So frustrating!!!

So after having to sort out the cd mess, I copied the pictures from the cds to my usb, in folders of each year, so that we have some organization to this. I am saving the cds but they aren't in the best order, so I am also copying the usb so that Chad has one, I have one and we can leave this one at my parent's house.

Since I did all the hard work to get the pictures in order, I didn't want to just throw them away. We bought albums on sale at Michaels and I put all of the pictures into photo albums, in order. Now we have them all on a shelf in the den, right next to the couch to be pulled out and looked at whenever :)

All of the photo albums!

All of the albums stored on the shelf by the couch

Lastly, I uploaded the folders to picasa web albums to store the pictures electronically. You can also tag pictures on there, using people or captions. So I made categories for things like birthdays, vacations, christmas, etc. This way if you click on a category every picture that has been tagged with it, no matter the year or folder that it is in, will come up and you can look through them all together.

Shew... that was even exhausting to explain, much less accomplish.

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