School is in full swing!

I haven't posted in what seems like forever! Ever since school started back I have been going non-stop! This year I am an advisor for the Freshman class (well really, Class of 2015) student council. We do a lot of work to prepare for homecoming week at school, which was super early this year. In less than a month of school we had to manage to get a student council, of brand new baby freshmen, together and get creative.

We had to create a game for Leesville's "Community Night" and had a booth set up to run our game, give out candy for prizes and make a little bit of money for our council. Since the game information was due before we were even able to meet with the students, we had to decide it on our own. My surprisingly creative and helpful husband offered up the idea of a bottle ring toss. So we had to empty lots of brown bottles of their contents :) and then I soaked the bottles to be able to peel off all of the labels. I think I made a pretty nice game! One that I plan to use repeatedly, forget creating something new!

Don't mind the messy table!

Set up so that Trey could try our game

We also do a homecoming parade and pep rally the Friday afternoon before the big game. For the parade each class council or club makes a float to go along with the theme. This year's theme was "Leesville Kingdom" aka disney stuff (Magic Kingdom). Our floats had to be of the theme good vs evil (we are good, the team we were playing is evil!) So our kids decided to do a float version of Peter Pan. We had a girl who was going to dress up as Peter (green tights, green shorts and a green LRHS t shirt) and a boy who was going to be Captain Hook (with a purple shirt to represent Broughton) and then a tinkerbell too :) We had a few girls that worked incredibly hard on the float and managed to do a pretty good job.

I wish I had pictures to show for it, but the week didn't go quite as planned... rain ruined almost all of the events planned for the week.

Next year we will be prepared and maybe we can win the competition!

On a side note, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend, Marianna. She and her husband just had a beautiful baby boy, born October 4th at 9lbs 6oz!! Goodness. They live in Oklahoma right now but I can't wait for them to come back to Raleigh for the holidays so I can meet him :)

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