My new iPhone 4s :)

I finally converted to an iPhone! I got the droid when it first came out (the original, motorola droid) and it is slowly dying. It has issues with just about everything, browing the internet, changing my ringtone, only charging in one specific position, you name it, it has that issue. And sadly, this all started happening early this summer literally a few weeks after my 1 year warranty expired. Annoying! So then I heard that iPhone was going to be releasing a new phone and thought I would wait to get it.

So pretty!
 Finally in October they announced the iPhone 4S. Most apple fanatics aren't too impressed, I guess there isn't much that is too new/different than the 4. I don't really care, I don't use anything too fancy anyways! I just figured I'd wait for the newest version and then get it! So I got up a few minutes early on the day that they were open to pre-orders and ordered myself a new phone :)

Yay, it finally arrived at 6pm Friday! Last picture with the crappy camera on my droid!

I'm loving it so far. I'm headed to a wedding this weekend and can't wait to take quality pictures on my phone!

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