A Pirate Wedding!

ECU Pirates, that is. This weekend we went to the wedding of two of our good friends, Melissa and Terry. They met at ECU and Terry was Petey the Pirate for years at ECU, so it was only fitting that they kept the wedding in theme. The ceremony was just down the road from us at St. Francis Catholic Community and the reception followed at Hilton RTP in Durham.
Saying their vows

The table cards were ECU football tickets with your name and table name on them. The tables were all named after streets or buildings in Greenville, it was too cute! Trey owns a purple suit jacket and was so excited to be able to wear it and fit with the theme of the evening. He really was the hit of the party, he couldn't walk anywhere without being told how awesome his jacket was.

Me & the guy in the purple jacket

Pretty tables (after dinner, excuse our mess!)

Where all of the table cards were laid out

Trey met Terry at his previous job and the four of us became friends quickly and played kickball together last spring. Terry is now in "school" to be a Virginia state trooper! We sat at the "work table" with a few friends that Melissa works with and one from Trey & Terry's old work. It was a blast. One of the couples was from Canada and they were quite the drinkers! Trey went shot for shot with her (drinking tequila... no thanks!) Needless to say it was an incredibly fun night!
Throwing the garter

Bouquet toss


Me & Melissa

The four of us

They are such an amazing couple and I'm sure they will have a wonderful life together. I can't think of a better way to spend our 6-month wedding anniversary, than by celebrating another awesome couple! (Okay well it was 1 day before our anniversary, but whatever.)

Their cake, with Petey the Pirate on top!

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