Learning to cook

Trey has always been the chef in our house, while I help or do the baking! In the summer he doesn't cook for me nearly as often because he works 60+ hours a week and doesn't get home until dinner time. I found this website and decided to try out some of their meals.

I love to be super organized, and this website posts a meal plan at the beginning of each week with 7 meals and even a grocery list! I don't necessarily follow it exactly but it's a great resource. I have picked through meals that we want and have tried a few lately. The first didn't go over too well, too much cream of chicken, but they have been steadily improving. I am 100% a person who has to follow a recipe, so I just have to hope that it is a yummy one.

A few things that I have made from the website are enchiladas, baked spaghetti, cottage pie, and an interesting barbeque chicken - potatoes meal in the slow cooker! I love to use the crock pot, but it is actually difficult when you leave for work at 6:30 in the morning... not many meals need to cook for 12 hours, so I'm still trying to find good meals to make in there.

Here are a couple of my successes:

Enchiladas before

Enchiladas after... they were yummy!

Baked spaghetti before

Baked spaghetti after

Desert one night... my mom found FLAT marshmallows perfect for making smores, it was still warm outside so we made them in the toaster oven!

A quick and easy desert, peanut butter chocolate ice cream sandwiches

I love cooking a good meal for dinner that provides left overs... it makes lunch at school the next day so much better than a boring, frozen lean cuisine.

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