Word on the Street

My cousin, Patrick, goes to UNC and is a great musician who is also writing music. He met the members of the band Simplified and they asked him to put some music together to open for a show that they were doing in Chapel Hill. So in about two months he had to throw together a band. That band, Word on the Street, now consists of his brother, Dain, who is also a widely talented musician (and barely old enough to get in to the club that they were playing at!) and my brother, Chad, who plays drums, along with two of his other friends from Carolina, on bass and guitar.

Pictures from my not-so-amazing camera phone

Dain is on the far left playing Mandolin, Patrick is guitar and singing
 They opened for Simplified at the Local 506 a couple of weeks ago. We were slightly nervous, since they only practiced together around 5 times! They did a great job! They played mostly songs that Patrick had written but also a cover of Whatever You Like/Kids put together that was awesome. We really enjoyed it. I knew that all of them had musical talent, but was pretty amazed! I guess those 3 got ALL of the musical talent on the Riley side.... :)

Finally managed to squeeze Chad in there, in the back on drums. (This time Dain is playing trumpet.)
 They're playing again, opening for Simplified at the Local 506, on November 10th! (The next day is a holiday, so I can actually stay out late!)

Here are a couple of videos (they were recorded on an iPhone, not super close to the stage but it's better than nothing!)

This is the Whatever You Like/Kids Mashup

This one is an original written by Patrick.

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