Mexican Mondays

Okay well maybe it's Spanish Mondays but that doesn't sound as fun. Trey and I decided to take a Spanish course, through Wake Tech's continuing education program that is taught at Leesville High School! How convienient :) He speaks Spanish daily to the Mexicans that work for him at Hasentree and has done really well picking up the language. He wanted to learn how to conjugate verbs and properly put together sentences so he thought of taking a course. I took Spanish in high school and enjoyed it, plus I do teach ESL students who are Spanish speaking sometimes so I thought I'd take it with him. It has been pretty good so far, it isn't stressful because there aren't any grades and our teacher will cover basically anything we want her to!

Last Monday, I cooked enchiladas for dinner, so we ate Spanish food then went to speak Spanish for 3 hours! :)

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