Mardi Gras Party 2013

After the race that we ran on Saturday we cleaned up and headed to my co-worker Carol's Mardi Gras Party. She and her husband are from New Orleans and have a party every year around Mardi Gras.
Last year was the first year that we went and had a lot of fun, and this year was just as good. There is always a theme and this year's theme was the Circus... Trey and I didn't have anything cool to dress up in so we were spectators ;) 

Wearing someone else's clown wig

Walter makes gumbo and all kinds of delicious cajun food and everyone brings a side to share. 

The garage is the dance floor and it really was a blast! 

The math department represented at the party:

Lauren, Me, Carol, Jennifer, JoAnn, Melissa

Hopefully next year Trey and I will be creative and dress up :)

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