Vegas Meets the Chickens!

A couple of days ago we had dinner at Christy and Jonathan's house and brought the dogs with us. We have brought them over there before, but typically by dinner time it is dark outside and the curtains are drawn on their back doors. This time, thanks to DST it was still light out and a gorgeous night, so the curtains were not drawn. They have 3 chickens and a chicken coop in their backyard. When we got there the chickens were still out wandering in the yard and Vegas saw them through the back door. She was super excited at the sight of them!

She sat there and stared, shook (out of excitement) and whined. It was pretty cute. She was just very curious and wanted to go outside to check them out.

Jonathan put the chickens in the coop so we let the dogs out. Vegas went straight to the coop to check things out. She sniffed and ran all around it. When they started making noise she whined again!

Tyson was also curious about them, but a little bit more timid and not as funny. They behaved well and enjoyed getting to see them. We enjoyed a nice outside dinner since the weather was so awesome while the dogs sniffed all around the yard!

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