Holy cow this post has been about a year and a half in waiting... sad. 

I posted a LONG time ago the supplies for my last DIY project of the summer and I'm assuming most people guessed what I was making. I had been wanting a map to pin the places that we have traveled together. They are surprisingly expensive so I decided to make my own.
I ordered this map off of national geographic of North America, I wanted a map that had the islands that we enjoy going to, but not the entire world so this one was perfect. 

I got an old cork board from my parents' house that was no longer being used and painted the trim to match the room that it is going in.

Preparing to paint

I had to trim the map just a little bit to fit and there was excess space on the top, so I took some of my extra burlap from my other projects and cut that to fit the extra space. 

I used mod podge to glue the top of the map to the cork board instead of having to use tons of pins to keep it down because it wasn't laying down to the board. It is a little wrinkly from the moisture, so maybe it wasn't the best idea in the world, but it works!

I started adding our pins and was super excited but still needed to do something with the top burlap. 

I was going to have a friend freehand paint it since I'm no good at freehand anything but just kept putting it off. Basically school started back and I hit pause. Well for Christmas I got a new Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and it's AWESOME! I have finally started to figure it out and complete a few projects. I used it to cut out what we wanted and used it as a stencil. Trey painted it while he was painting for another project and voila finally done! 


Can't wait to get more pins on the map!

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