More Snow!

We've had a pretty snowy winter this year. It snowed again in February. We had already been out of school for 4 days (two weeks prior) and now were out 3 more days. The first day was because they knew it would start coming down at lunch time and when it did it came down fast!

A lot of people went to work and waited for it to start snowing before they left. Since so many people got on the roads at one time and the road conditions were already getting worse Raleigh ended up similar to Atlanta's gridlock. This is a picture that was pretty widespread of Glenwood Avenue:

We got about 4" or so, but it was then topped with a layer of sleet. 

The next morning that frozen layer on top was no fun. The dogs couldn't walk in/on it very well so I stomped around in our backyard to break most of it up for them. 

We were out of school again Friday and it finally started to melt since the temperatures shot up to 50 degrees. And now it's supposed to be in the 70s at the end of the week! Crazy weather.

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