The Rest of January

I have been slacking a little in my blog posts mainly because work has been pretty busy. I need to upload lots of phone pictures though from the rest of January so here they are! 

We kept Speckles and Bailey for a weekend and they watched the Panther's playoff game with us... Vegas didn't enjoy it because her daddy wasn't happy. 

I brought my kids Krispy Kreme doughnuts to make exams a little bit more manageable :)

Vegas finally got her stitches out and was super excited to be able to run and play again. 

We grilled out with a bunch of friends and our "kids" napped together when it got late ;)

Enjoying brunch at Tir Na Nog before an early afternoon NCSU basketball game. 

It SNOWED. Not a whole lot but enough to keep us out of school for FOUR days and Trey got to work from home for 2 of those days. 

And Vegas and Tyson got to meet a new friend. Rick surprised Jennifer with a new puppy that a friend of theirs was fostering and so of course we went over for a play date. Tyson and Vegas both loved him. Tyson really wanted to play, play, play. Barley finally warmed up to playing like a maniac and had some fun with him. Then he got worn out and snuggled with the "mama" Vegas. 

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