Beach Week 2014

After the US Open on Sunday we headed on down to the beach to spend a week at Trey's parents. We got in late Sunday night and Trey had to work from home on Monday but we greatly enjoyed our week relaxing.
During Trey's lunch break on Monday we took a stroll on the beach

Snuggle time
Mom, wake up! I'm still on school time

Dragging the kegerator cooler on to the beach was not easy!

BJ and I made shrimp & scallop linguine alfredo
Tyson staying far enough away from dinner but close enough
to hear if he might get any

Trey spent a lot of time fishing... didn't catch much worthwhile though
Took a morning run on the beach while he was fishing

Trey's parents bought land in Straits (Harkers Island) so we went to check it out

While we were down there we went paddle boarding!

Bitty Kitty hiding from the big dogs

After a day on the beach we had family snuggle time on the couch during the evening rain

Rick, Jennifer & Barley came down for the weekend. 
Tyson was excited to see his BFF!

We had dinner Saturday night at Ruddy Duck and enjoyed drinks on the deck while we waited for our table

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