State Silhouette Art DIY

I saw this post on Home Sweet Ruby and just had to do one myself! I changed it up a little bit and luckily didn't have to cut it by hand since I have my handy dandy silhouette cameo machine.

What You Need:
Backing card stock/scrap book paper
card stock/scrap book paper for your state
Pink or white paper for heart
scissors or cutting machine 
glue stick

What You Do:
Cut card stock down to size of the frame (I used an old 8x10 frame we had lying around)

Cut state silhouette (If you don't have a cutting machine you can use Home Sweet Ruby's directions - basically print out the state to the size you want and use it to trace then cut by hand, If you do have a silhouette, I googled North Carolina state silhouette and found a pdf that I could download for the image then trace the outer edge only... I found mine here, this would work for either cutting by hand or silhouette) 

Cut a small heart and place over the city of your choice

Glue all pieces together and stick in a frame! 

This cost me all of $1.47 and I have cardstock to spare! Love it!

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