Baby Shower for my Bestie

Christy and Jonathan are having a baby boy in July and we can't wait! Trey and I are very excited to be "aunt and uncle" and get to play with him, have lots of fun... and then hand him back to his parents at night :) 

We threw them a co-ed shower last weekend and it turned out great. Almost everyone invited was able to come and between this shower and one she had at work, they have been loaded up with almost everything they will need for the baby! 

Inspired by a diaper cake I saw on pinterest. The first "present" I ordered baby Connor was these adorable Chuck Taylors. In full disclosure, Christy was helping while we were prepping at her house for the shower, she started rolling diapers, then ended up assembling the entire cake! For her own shower! 

Cupcakes! Thankful that Jen Wilson came early to help me set up and decorate these! Otherwise we may have been eating cupcakes that were simply iced with a knife ;)

I ordered this print from etsy and had everyone sign one of the bubbles, it can then be framed for Connor's nursery

Also found on etsy, this candy guessing game. There were 270 M&Ms in the bottle, the winner guessed 281!

Made the banner myself with my awesome silhouette cameo, and Christy has been collecting her cards on the mantel for a while

One last "game" found on etsy, having guests write cute notes on the diapers

Then we had a competition, each person had to suck 2 ounces of beer out of the baby bottles, it is incredibly hard! 

And opening tons of presents:

The first baby :)

We didn't get a good picture together until after the shower when we were exhausted and gross!

Food & drinks!

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