Kimberly is Engaged!

About a month ago, Kimberly's boyfriend Chad asked us to help trick Kimberly so he could surprise her with a proposal. It was really sweet and she was super surprised! We were so glad to be a part of it. We had dinner plans together and secretly both of their families joined us. 

We had a wonderful time celebrating the happy couple!

When I knew that they were getting engaged I decided to get my craft on. Plus, it's summer and I have time to spare :) So I headed to Target and made this cute little box of bridal goodies. I got the box at Target and then used my Silhouette to cut a label for it to say "future Mrs. Hunter" ... it turned out awesome. 

Then I got 2 stemless wine glasses at Target also (their basic glassware is $1 each!) and etched them, one to say Mr. and one to say Mrs. We joked at dinner that in December when Chad graduates with his PhD I will have to make him one to say Dr. since it will be Dr & Mrs :) 

I also pulled out an extra one of these ring dishes that I made for gifts at Christmas and used the Silhouette to cut a silver ring to put in her ring dish!

And bought a bridal magazine and (not pictured) the diamond dazzle stick to polish her shiny rock!

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