Week at the Beach

We headed to the beach as soon as I could get out of school in June! We spent the first half of the week at Trey's parent's house. Christy and Jonathan joined us for the weekend. 

We dug a hole for Christy's belly to fit in. She was pretty excited,
she hasn't laid on her stomach in months!

We went to the Big Rock Captain's Party as the tournament kickoff on Saturday night. Free food and booze! 

Mandy came down to dogsit for us while we headed over to Hatteras for the second half of the week so that Trey could 2 days of the Big Rock tournament with his family. 

On Wednesday we took the ferry to Ocracoke and then to Hatteras and spent the second half to the week here:

Unfortunately they only caught (and released) a sailfish while he was out there. So it was pretty slow for them, but we had a great time in Hatteras. I hung out on the beach and poolside while the boys were fishing. The weather was amazing for us and we really got to relax! 

 Sunset view from the porch on the house

Mandy updated us with pictures of the dogs all week :)

 Saturday morning we got up early and headed back to PKS, no ferry this time

 Happy to see these 3!

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