Beach for 4th of July

Trey had a long weekend for the 4th of July. We decided to head to the beach Wednesday night and he worked from home on Thursday and then was off on Friday.

Thursday Vegas helped Trey work from the bed :)

That night we went to El Zarape with Trey's parents and enjoyed some filling Mexican food. 

 Kristen and Ryan were in town too so we went to the beach on Friday. That night we made our favorite salad along with shrimp and scallop scampi. We went out to Chefs with all of the crowds later that night. 

Saturday morning Trey and I got up and went down the street to watch the Pine Knoll Shores parade for the 4th. It definitely reminded me of the parades through our neighborhood when I was little. 

We went out on the boat that day. The water was a little rough so we stopped on a little island near the port and enjoyed the sun and water. 

We played lots of frisbee and took the dogs swimming just down the street in the sound, at low tide so that they could run around easily. 

Saturday night we grilled steaks and corn and veggies. Then we played with the dogs on the golf course, throwing their tennis balls so they could fetch. Tyson of course went for a dip in the pond. 

Then it was time for fireworks. Vegas heard ones nearby that random people were shooting off. She wasn't happy about that. 

We walked out to the course to see the ones that they shoot off in Pine Knoll Shores. We could also somewhat see the Morehead City and Atlantic Beach ones off in the distance.

It was a very fun but relaxing weekend, then we had to head back in all of the traffic. It took us almost half an hour just to get off the island! I told Trey that next year he needs to work from home the day before AND after the long weekend so that we can avoid the traffic. 

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