Summer Randoms

We celebrated Father's Day at my parents house. Trey grilled steaks for everyone and we had a nice time relaxing and letting the dogs play. 

Trey and I went to the Lindsey Stirling concert at Red Hat. It had been super hot all week but we didn't sweat too terribly that night. It was a great concert. 

We used our living social deals to go to a Durham  Bulls game on a rainy night. We had a long dinner at Tyler's Taproom to wait out the rain and then finally made it over to the game. They just started brewing their own beer at the ballpark and have a really cool system to fill the cups from the bottom up! It saves them beer because they don't have so much waste with the foam. 

We watched Matty one weekend. The dogs loved having their cousin around :)

We played a hilarious game called telestrations at Andy's house one night. You have a notebook with a dry erase marker, the first person draws a picture of their secret word, then you pass the notebook and the next person has to write what that picture was, the person after that draws that description, then the next person guesses what that was and so on. This one was one of the funniest:

We spent a couple of Sundays lounging at the lake with Jennifer, Rick and Laney.

 We went to Raleigh Brewing one Saturday and Tyson and Vegas got to meet Mr. Pickles. 

Later that night they got to play with Barley! Fun day

We went to the Slightly Stoopid concert. It was warm out but a lot of fun. 

Trey and I went on a Cocktail Tour through Tobacco Road Tours. It was pretty cool. We started at Rye bar in the Marriott, then went to Circa 1888 near the pit, went to Coglin's which was an awesome throwback to childhood memories and then finished up at Common 414. We walked to each stop and were told some history about Raleigh along the way. 

We went to the Sublime with Rome concert. The weather was great and we had a great time. 

Marianna came to town so I got to hang out with her, Mikey and Parker :) 

We went to a couple of Durham Bulls games with our living social Thursday night deals! 

Our garden was in full swing. We grew lots and lots of cucumbers and tomatoes and two watermelon! We had so many tomatoes that at one point we made spaghetti sauce to use some of them! 

Trey and I had a nice date night in downtown Raleigh. We went to J. Betski's for the first time - it was delicious! Followed up by visiting the Raleigh Beer Garden for the first time - that place is huge! It is also pretty cool with all the wood, indoor tree and accordion windows. 

Oh and probably the most exciting part of summer: I got to be there while my bestie Christy and her hubby Jonthan welcomed Connor into the world. It was amazing, she did so great and Connor is super sweet and adorable :) Love!

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