The last last year in my 20s!

My birthday was back in July and we celebrated all day long! It was great. 

Started off by Trey making me breakfast. While he cleaned up I got to sit on my porch and enjoy our new TV! 

Then we went to Trophy Brewing for lunch. Kristen and Ryan met us there because they were leaving town after that so they couldn't join for the rest of the festivities. Matt and Lindsey joined us there, it was also Lindsey's birthday so we celebrated together! Chad met us for lunch also and joined for the mid day fun. 

After lunch we went to Sub Noir brewery. We weren't too impressed but they did have Nintendo games!

Then we went to Nickelpoint Brewery. They had lots of games to keep us entertained, like huge Jenga. 

From there we headed back to our house to have friends over for a cookout. When we got home we discovered that my parents snuck over while we were gone and decorated for my birthday.

Christy, Jonathan and Connor even managed to make a brief appearance! What a great friend to come out with her newborn :)

And what better way to end the day than with a pinata!

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