Disney World Summer 2015 - Part 2

Wednesday night we headed back in to Magic Kingdom. It's always so pretty at night! We used our fastpass+ to ride the Mine Train, saw the fireworks and the light show on the castle.  Magic Kingdom was open late that night so rode all kinds of rides we might not normally try to fit in - Dumbo, Barnstormer, etc. It was a lot of fun. 

Thursday morning we made it to Animal Kingdom bright and early and headed straight for the Safari, that's when the animals are usually up and moving and then we don't have to use a Fastpass for it if we just head straight there when the park opens the line isn't too bad. 

We walked through the Jungle Trek, rode the River Rapids (I got soaked) and rode Expedition Everest!

That night we had a surprise for mom since it was her birthday - we had reservations at the California Grill, one of their favorite restaurants on the top of the Contemporary that they don't usually splurge on. It was very enjoyable, delicious food and you get to come back to watch the MK fireworks from their observation deck. 

Friday we went to Hollywood Studios and I finally saw the Beauty & the Beast stage show! 

That evening we had dinner in the RV then did a little hotel bar hopping - the Wilderness Lodge bar and the Animal Kingdom Lodge bar. 

The dogs love to snuggle in grandma & grandpa's big bed in the RV. 

We spent our last day at EPCOT. We spent some time in Innovations, which we don't normally do. Trey and I did the Sum of all Thrills which you create your own roller coaster then get in a seat that virtually lets you ride your coaster, it was pretty neat. And it goes into some depth about how math is involved, showing you that you need more speed, height, etc to complete your track. 

For our last night we made reservations at the Garden Grill in The Land. Trey has never eaten there and I've only been there once, years ago. It's on a rotating platform and characters come around to greet you during your delicious family style meal. It was enjoyable and not terribly over priced. 

After dinner we were able to get in line for Soarin and for once the stand-by line wasn't too crazy long. After getting off the ride Trey and I sprinted over to Mexico to try to get one last delicious Passion Fruit Margarita before the park closed at 9:00. Well we got there at 8:57 and were not too happy when they wouldn't even let us in the bar and told us that last call was at 8:45. I wish I had known that before sprinting across the park. So instead we hopped on the monorail and ended up at the Polynesian bar. The bartender there was able to save the day and made us passion fruit margaritas even though they aren't on their menu!

We caught a glimpse of Magic Kingdom's fireworks taking the monorail back towards the campground. 

After a fun week in Disney we had to make the 10 hour trek back home :( The dogs were troopers and enjoyed sitting up on the dashboard seeing what was going on out there. 

Chad went  out of town the day we came back so it worked out nicely that we stopped the RV on his side of town and mom and I went to pick up Lucky. He was very excited to see us and ready to hop in the car and head to his grandma and grandpa's house!

It was an amazing week but it's always nice to be home to your bed :)

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