House Projects

We've been doing all kinds of things around the house lately. 

We got a tv to go on the porch to enjoy as the weather cools down :)

We decided to paint our bedroom to open it up some. We had a dark brown accent wall and the other 3 walls were a lighter but still brown color. We went with gray and it looks amazing, we love it. We thought since we were painting it was also time to get rid of the Carolina blue bathroom we've had since we moved in. 

6 paint samples later we made a decision....

Old color... taping is the worst part of painting 

Now I'm on a mission to paint the whole house... except that the actual painting process isn't fun but it looks awesome when it's done. 

Like i said before we fixed up Trey an office and moved my craft stuff to the other room. That required getting rid of a lot of junk so that was nice! 

Trey has done some brewing projects - he built a fermentation box so that we no longer have to ferment beer in our downstairs bathroom. It has my parents old mini fridge on the back and insulation inside to cool the box and keep it cold to store the beer.

With many more projects on the way in the coming year!

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